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Own Business Day is all about celebrating the ones who deserve it the most: business owners like you. And everyone that visits own-business-day.com is able to see your exceptional specials and gets to enjoy them on this unique day. So, get ready for a great celebration on Own Business Day.


So, how does Own Business Day work for you? Watch our video for a fun step by step guide on how to join Own Business Day and how your business can benefit from our celebration on October 8th, 2019.

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The more you tell about your special and your business, the more you stand out. This is how it works:

Put your business on the map

Think of a special that represents you and your business best. Something that attracts more customers: It could be your signature dish, a happy hour that last all night long, or simply an attractive price reduction on this specific day. Just upload it to the platform and be visible on the map.

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The more you tell us about your business and your special, the more you’ll appear on the platform. So don’t stop at just the name of your special but get more specific about the where – and whatabouts of your business. The more information you add about your special and your business, the more highlighted you will be on the platform, and the more attention you will receive from customers.

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You have more to offer? So have we. Enhance your special and tell us more about its uniqueness or even improve it with one or more appealing pictures. The better it looks the higher is the possibility that your special will be advertised on social media as well.

While we talked a lot about our new brand name, our taste and our customer service, it was really hard to find a time to focus on our advertising. Then we heard about METRO Own Business Day and thought we would like to be a part of it.
Kaan Damgacı, Lokmata Turkey
The Vis-a-Vis restaurant has been operating continuously for 12 years and is located in a tenement house built in 1910-1912. When creating the restaurant, we strived to satisfy even the most demanding guests. Own Business Day has allowed us to expand our group of loyal customers, of which we are extremely happy.
Mariola Bożek Vis-à-Vis Club & Bar Poland


We’re here for all own businesses around the world. So, discover what fellow own businesses have on offer, or find inspiration, here.

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