Let's celebrate Own Business Day
10th October 2017

The time we put your own business
in the spotlight

Time to go

What is METRO Own Business Day?

Celebration of all independent business owners who run their business with passion and excitement and do the maximum to make their customers happy.

Prepare an outstanding
special offer for your business
Create special offers that will attract customers
We give you our full support in promoting it
Prepare an appealing special offer of your business
Only one click away – in just a few steps
helps you spread
the word
No commitments, no charge
10 October 2017
is your day
Celebrate with us and watch your business attract new customers
Create your own special offer and put your business on the map

Get inspired
by other special offers

Couples night with free desserts
Free dessert

Enjoy our fine Italian cuisine with your significant other and get our delicious desserts on the house. Be quick and make tonight's reservation now, at one of our 4 venues.

Win a shopping voucher!
Shopping voucher

All day today, customers have a chance to win a shopping voucher with their purchase. So get your week’s shopping done early this week and find out if you’re one of the lucky winners!

Professional cleaning
– 10 % off
Clean job

For all cleaning jobs in October, we offer you 10 % off. Make the most of your day while we clean your rooms, office space or foyer – quickly and thoroughly.

Check out some of our success stories from last year
METRO Own Business Day takes place in 25 countries around the world.
Last year we celebrated with thousands of businesses.
Own Business Day Success story 1
“What a day!? We gained so many more new clients!”
Own Business Day Success story 2
“We are sold out!?It’s crazy! Unbelievable!”
Own Business Day Success story 3
“It was great to join own business day last year and I will definitely join again!”
Own Business Day Success story 4
“A great opportunity for my family shop!”
Start creating your own special offers
and attract customers
Join the celebration with your business
Let's celebrate 10 October 2017
METRO Own Business Day