All you need to know about Own Business Day

Below are frequently asked questions & answers pertaining to Own Business Day. If your concern is not addressed, please see the Contact Us page.

What and when is Own Business Day?

Own Business Day is a one-day event on October 10th which celebrates businesses owned by individuals. Participating own businesses offer specials to their customers to show their appreciation for them.

Where does Own Business Day take place?

Own Business Day takes place at individually owned businesses in neighbourhoods all over the world. Check out our map to see which businesses are participating near you.

Who can participate in Own Business Day?

Everyone! Owners of individual businesses can participate by promoting their own company. Customers can visit any business they want.

How can I register for Own Business Day?

Only participating business owners need to register. In order to be visible on the map you must create a special offer for Own Business Day.

I’m not a METRO customer but I own my own business. Can I still participate?

Yes! Every business can participate.

I did not receive my verification email. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder to make sure it isn’t there. If you cannot find the message there, re-register or contact METRO’s Own Business Day team.

How do I create a special offer?

Create a special by visiting Provide information about what your special is, how much it costs and where your business is located.

How many specials can I can create?

You may create up to five specials.

How can I edit or remove my special?

You can change or remove your special at any time – even on the day of the event if you run out of your special product.

Can I change the price of my special after it has been uploaded?

Yes! You can change your price or edit your special at any time.

Must my business be open for certain hours on Own Business Day?

No! You choose your own opening hours. Be sure to post them on your special.

My special has been removed. What should I do?

Please contact METRO’s Own Business Day if you have any questions. Otherwise you can just create a new special.

Is there a limit to the number of specials I can enjoy?

No! You may visit as many own businesses as you like.